Present at AHF 2024 in San Antonio, Texas

The 2024 AHF Speaker Call for Proposals is NOW CLOSED!

The Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF) would like to thank all those who submitted proposal for the 2024 Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX! 

Conference Dates: August 23 – 25, 2024

Conference Location: JW Marriott, San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa, San Antonio, Texas

Educational Content

Below are recommended presentation topics, although you can submit any presentation topics that you feel would be of benefit and interest to the self-operated healthcare and senior dining industry. 
    • Staffing and Supply Chain Management
    • AI, Robotics, Technology, and IT
    • C-Suite Engagement and Relationship Management
    • Operational Excellence
    • Employee Engagement and Safety
    • Innovation and Best Practices
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Ethics and Integrity
    • Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership Trends
  • Patient Satisfaction and Menu Innovation
  • HR Collaboration and Unconventional Operations
  • Sustainability Practices
  • Clinical Nutrition, Functional Nutrition, Culinary Medicine
  • Leadership Development and Succession Planning
  • Catering, Retail, and Non-Patient Operations
  • Benchmarking and Financial Management
  • Menu Cross Utilization
  • Technology Advancement
  • Multiple Submissions

    Individuals are welcome to submit up to two (2) proposals; please submit each proposal separately through the online form. No more than two (2) proposals will be considered from any one speaker and/or organization.

Session Specifications

Our sessions range from 45 to 75 minutes, except for pre-conference sessions and workshops, which can be 1.5 to 3 hours long. Mainstage and concurrent sessions are typically 45-60 minutes, with most presenters dedicating 45-50 minutes to their presentation and 10-15 minutes for Q&A. Some mainstage sessions may utilize the entire time without audience Q&A. FISH talks are 15-20 minutes each. Please adhere to these time limits as they are strictly enforced.

Speaker Fees and Honorariums

If selected, Operator Members will be provided with $600 of travel/lodging support and free conference registration.  AHF does not typically provide speaker honorariums outside the operator support for pre-conference and concurrent sessions unless in unique situations. If you are seeking an honorarium, please indicate this desire clearly in your submitted proposal and we will assess the request. For each selected proposal, AHF will contact the individual who submitted the proposal to provide detailed information regarding scholarships and/or speaker honorariums based on the AHF Policies and Procedures. 

If you indicate that you are requesting an honorarium, you are indicating that you are either not an operator member or that you are requesting payment above and beyond standard conference attendance and travel support.

If requesting an honorarium, please be prepared to provide details for each presenter in your proposal; specify the honorarium details, including whether it’s a flat fee and if travel expenses are requested.

Selection Criteria

Session proposals will be evaluated based on overall quality, relevance to the healthcare foodservice and senior dining industry, practical applications of the content, timeliness of the topic, and speaker qualifications. Materials submitted must be the speaker’s original work and properly reference all external sources. Presentations, whenever possible, should be in a format that encourages active participation by attendees.

If selected, AHF will use the information provided in the RFP for promotion in print and online as well as through other marketing campaigns.


Suggestions for Submitting a Successful Speaker Proposal

  • Clear and Engaging Title: Compose a clear, industry-specific title that captivates attention while steering clear of clichés or overly generic wording. Aim for uniqueness and relevance to your topic.
  • Unique Perspective: Highlight what distinguishes your presentation. Clarify why your perspective or approach is unique and valuable, including the idea that valuable lessons often stem from failures that offer valuable insights.
  • Include Evidence-Based Content: Ensure that your content is accessible and replicable in attendees’ operations. Whenever feasible, substantiate your proposal with data, research, or real-world examples that illustrate the effectiveness of your topic.
  • Well-Defined Objectives: Include a minimum of two (2), ideally three (3), clearly stated learning objectives or key takeaways attendees can expect from your session. Well defined learning objectives answer the following questions:
      • What will the attendee know after attending your session that they did not know before attending your session? (i.e., be able to: explain, identify, discuss, define, etc.)
      • What will the attendee be able to apply to their operations after attending your session? (i.e., be able to: demonstrate, implement, use, develop, etc.)
      • What will the attendee be able to analyze/evaluate after attending your session? (i.e., appraise, compare, organize, interpret, critique, verify, mentor, recommend, etc.)
      • What will the attendee be able to create/develop after attending your session? (i.e., argue, justify, budget, design, predict, etc.)
  • Compelling Description / Abstract: Your session abstract will tell Conference Attendees why they should attend your session. To be effective and create interest, it should provide a brief, clear, and concise reflection of your presentation’s content. If your presentation pertains to a specific segment of our industry, such as senior living, be sure to include that information in your abstract. The abstract should only be one paragraph of between 200 to 300 words in length but should contain sufficient detail so that a reader can easily identify what key takeaways they might gain from attending the session.
  • Highlight Speaker Expertise: Showcase your expertise and credentials related to the topic. Include your professional background, certifications, and notable accomplishments. If applicable, include video clips from previous speaking engagements to provide a tangible demonstration of your presentation skills and expertise.
  • Audience Interaction: Describe how you plan to foster audience participation, questions, and discussions during your session. It’s worth noting that AHF attendees are an engaged group who value hands-on opportunities, as well as active involvement in discussions and participation.
  • Business Partner / Operator Opportunities: At AHF’s annual conference, while we highly value partnerships between operators and business partners, due to the limited presentation time at the conference, we have limited space for product-related proposals beyond the opportunities outlined in our prospectus. To ensure your proposal aligns with our event’s educational focus, we recommend maintaining a general and informative approach. Collaborate with operator partner(s) to create a presentation centered around addressing industry challenges that your product or service may address rather than promoting your specific product or service. We cherish the special relationships between operators and vendors and encourage joint presentations, but our overarching goal is to offer a diverse range of content, rather than to fill the stage with sales pitches. Your unique insights and expertise can still shine in an educational context. Ideally, attendees would leave a session armed with new industry knowledge and head to Exhibit Hall ready to hear how your product and service can help! Learn more about becoming a sponsor exhibitor here. 


Contact AHF Staff at Info@HealthcareFoodservice.org