Exhibitor Resources

Confirmed Sponsors and Exhibitors can use this space to access resources needed to get prepared and set up for their exhibitor experience. Below you will find critical dates that your team should be aware of.

Event Location:

August 23 – 26, 2021
Omni Dallas Hotel
Dallas Ballroom
Dallas, TX

Ordering and Shipment:

Standard booth shipping receive at the advance warehouse: July 23 – August 17

Advance order discount (all furnishing orders placed by this date): July 26

Food Tracking Form (manifest): July 30

Submit form for prep area usage request: August 5th

Booth food shipments must arrive: August 16-23

Onsite Schedule:

Monday August 23rd – 8:00-4:00PM – Exhibitor Move-in

Tuesday August 24th – 12:30-4:00PM – Marketplace Hours 

Tuesday August 24th – 4:00-6:00PM – Exhibitor Move-out

Wednesday August 25th – 11:00AM – Outbound Shipping Deadline

Exhibitor Storefront, Shipping, & Ordering

Access the storefront to order furniture, power, and all the items you need for your booth. This is also where you can find all information needed related to your booth, including shipping information and labels. To access the storefront, you need to be a confirmed sponsor. If you have issues with the storefront, or questions about your booth purchases, furniture, and other items please contact our exhibit services company, Alliance Nationwide Exposition.

Alliance Nationwide Exposition

Booth Selection

AHF’s booth selection process is underway. Booth selection is done every year by sponsorship level and then by date of payment. If you have not yet been contacted, please know AHF is working as quickly as possible to move through our booth selection process to get everyone secured. You will be contacted by AHF’s Executive Director Leah Reily shortly with further information and links to get your booth setup and secured. If you have questions in the meantime, please let Leah know below. You may also explore the exhibit hall map below to get a sense of your preferred area. 

Please be aware AHF may utilize additional doors and other mechanisms to keep attendees distanced as they move through the exhibit hall during the tradeshow.

Leah Reily, Executive Director

1-800-899-1109 x700


Certificate of Insurance:

All exhibitors must provide a certificate of liability insurance if not sending booth products through AHF’s primary vendor, Alliance Expositions, and using a third-party broker for setup or delivery. Certificates of liability must be sent to tarag@mmsmeetings.com by August 5th. The certificate information and requirements are below:

Liability is $1 million

Coverage should include:

Alliance Exposition Services, LLC
PO Box 109
Paeonian Springs VA 20129

Omni Dallas Hotel
555 South Lamar Street
Dallas TX 75202

Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF) 
4201 Wilson Boulevard,
Suite 110-267
Arlington VA 22203

2021 Exhibitor COVID Safety Rules

As we plan to meet safely in Dallas, TX we want to provide you with updated policy and procedures at the Omni Hotel. All participants in the expo hall must be in compliance with the regulations set forth. AHF is recommending no more than two booth workers in each booth. Please make sure to reference our AHF Safety Pledge and more COVID-19 updates here.

All our exhibitor rules and requirements can be found in the handout below, however below are a few critical highlights:

We recommend not having more than 2 representatives behind your booth area for distancing purposes. You can set up your booth to make it open facing, however again we ask that you meter how many people are “in” the space to ensure safety and distance as attendees mingle.

– Food can be served (please note that AHF’s marketplace is the lunch so we encourage you to serve food), but should be served in single servings only and cannot be taken by the attendee themselves – it must be handed to them by the booth representative. 

– If serving food you will need a plexi barrier, which can be obtained through the storefront

– If serving food you will need a sanitation station at your booth (e.g. bowls to wash hands, soap, towels for cleaning, etc.)

– If only serving food that is fully pre-packaged and enclosed, you do NOT need a plexi barrier, but we still recommend a sanitation station to keep your hands and booth space clean

– Additional sanitation services can be obtained through the storefront from our exhibit services company

– Plexi barriers can be obtained through the storefront from our exhibit services company