Operator Scholarships

The submission period to to receive an operator scholarship to attend the 2024 National Conference is now closed.  

 Each year AHF is proud to provide scholarships to assist our operator members in attending the AHF Annual Conference thanks to the generous contributions of AHF, our local chapters, members, and most of all valued business partners. 

AHF ensures that your conference registration includes all meals, receptions, activities, and all else except for tickets to pre-conference area activities. That means once you are on-site, you won’t have much extra cost to worry about. Let us take care of you for the week!

Download our 2024 Attendance Justification Template Letter to gain support from your administrators for you AND your team to attend AHF 2024. Now is the time to get your professional development included in the budget. The letter can be customized and you can calculate in what the expenses might be using our Registration Page and Hotel Page and whether you or your team will apply for a scholarship or other activities (awards, culinary competition, etc.). 

Important Dates

Our scholarships will provide recipients with a significant amount off of registration, although they do not provide for the entire cost of registration. This allows us to help as many operators as possible to attend. 

  1. Scholarship Open: February 2024
  2. Notification of Scholarship: We will review and accept scholarship submissions 2-3 times before the early bird registration date to ensure operators have ample notice to confirm attendance. Apply as early as possible!
  3. Registration Deadline: Must apply before the early bird deadline, notify us as soon as possible if you cannot attend – or recommend another operator to take your place. 

Who Can Apply?

AHF welcomes applications for scholarships from AHF operator members in good standing (meaning dues are up to date). We contribute as much funding and support as we can each year to support operator attendance, however, scholarships may be limited. Please be sure to review the information below to submit your application within our guidelines to be considered. AHF will not accept incomplete applications.

Please note, AHF Chapters sometimes also provide scholarships, so we recommend connecting with your local chapter if you are seeking assistance; find your local chapter HERE. Apply below by completing out full scholarship form. 

Other Ways to Pay:


AHF and Real Rewards Cafe (RRC) have partnered up to make sure you have multiple ways to get access to AHF’s self-operated content. RRC points can be used to register not only for AHF’s conference but also for AHF membership. Three simple steps:

    • 1. Register for the conference
    • 2. Select “invoice me” as your payment option
    • 3. Then send your invoice to RRC and ask them to pay AHF on your behalf. It’s that simple!

Application & Registration Deadlines

All scholarship applications must be received no later than the deadline. We will not accept applications after this date, so please mark your calendar. This includes applications from member institutions. If you are awarded a scholarship you will be provided with a code to use during the registration process. We will notify you of the status of your scholarship request once the application process has closed.

If you are awarded a scholarship you must register for the conference no later than the noted deadline (typically before early bird registration closes). No exceptions will be made to the registration deadline. If you miss it we will consider your scholarship forfeited and redistribute it to another operator in need. Thank you for your understanding.

General Guidelines

Please review the scholarship guidelines below. Thank you for your understanding.

  • 1. Scholarships are non-transferrable
  • 2. To ensure we provide a fair opportunity to all our institutional members, only one employee per institutional may be awarded a scholarship unless one of those members is on the AHF Board of Directors or the AHF Conference Planning Committee (CPC).
  • 3. Complimentary registrations have no cash value, a discount code will be provided to you in advance of registration to apply your awarded scholarship.
  • 4. AHF will not make exceptions to its reimbursement deadline or guidelines, please read below carefully.

Scholarship Requirements

If you are awarded a scholarship of any kind, we kindly ask that you help support AHF in return with the following:

  • Promote the 2024 conference and encourage other operators to attend. AHF staff will send you sharable social media images, please post them and help us promote the event and gain additional attendees!
  • Potential take notes during AHF conferences for AHF staff to use in take-away materials
  • Volunteer on an AHF Committee in the coming year (get involved and gain year-round benefits!)

Reimbursement Guidelines

If you are awarded funds to assist with your travel and expenses, please note that reimbursement requests must meet the following guidelines. Thank you for your understanding!

  • – Reimbursement Deadline: We will accept reimbursement requests until September 15, 2024. There will be no exceptions to this rule, so your reimbursement request MUST be received before this date – please mark your calendar if you are awarded with a scholarship.
  • – Please send all completed reimbursement forms and itemized receipts to info@healthcarefoodservice.org no later than September 15, 2024. All reimbursement materials must be sent together in one email. 

If you have any questions please contact AHF headquarters: