The 2024 Awards Nominations are Closed.

While the 2024 Awards Nominations are closed, learn more about the AHF Awards Program below.

Benefits of AHF National Awards

Being selected and highlighted as a national award winner is a high honor that recognizes your work and that of your team. It is also a fantastic way to gain internal recognition from your administrators and facility for your department’s contributions.

Award winners receive free conference registration as well as $600 of travel funding to attend the annual conference and receive their awards. For the Partnership & Leadership Award both award winners receive support. 

AHF will send a letter to your administrator and PR/Marketing department notifying them of your award. We will offer your administrator free conference registration to attend and watch you receive your recognition.

AHF will also produce a short video detailing your award and project and highlighting you. We will continue to celebrate our award recipients in our publications, like S.O. Connected, following the conference. Finally, we will release press release(s) of our awards. Award winners will be announced prior to the Annual Conference. 

Review our 2023 winners below and then start planning your application for our 2024 awards!

  • Selection Process

  • Once you have submitted the award nomination, the awards committee will review all the submissions and select finalists using scoring criteria for each award. The Awards Committee is made up of a mix of business partners, operators, and other AHF members. Members of the committee will then interview finalists for each award to gather additional information prior to determining the winner for each category. You will be given an opportunity to further support what you have included in the form submission. A finalist will then be selected for each award. If you have any questions about the application process or supporting documentation, please contact AHF Staff.
  • Our awards are competitive and we cannot highlight all those who submit. We encourage you to resubmit if you were not selected in years past. 

Questions? Contact Sarah Bennett – sbennett@healthcarefoodservice.org

2023 AHF Award Winners