2020 Speakers

[team_member social_media=”W10=” member_title=”Keynote Speaker” member_position=”Kathy Parry” member_image=”5459″]A recognized authority in personal energy, productivity, and resilience, Kathy Parry uses her passion to ignite positive changes for professional leaders. Kathy works with Fortune 500 corporate leaders, association members and talent development specialists to help professionals plan for resilience to positively move through disruptive circumstances. Attendees leave her sessions with an action list to power-up their lives and create positive mindsets towards change. Kathy holds degrees in Business and Food Management from Miami University, a Certification in Plant Based Nutrition from T.Colin Campbell Program at eCornell University and a coaching certification from WellCoaches. Ms. Parry has authored three books and lives in Pittsburgh, PA. where she enjoys a mild dark chocolate addiction and cooking for hungry friends.[/team_member]
[team_member social_media=”W10=” member_title=”Nationally Renowned Keynote Speaker” member_position=”Coming Soon!” member_image=”5461″][/team_member]
[team_member social_media=”W10=” member_title=”Nationally Renowned Keynote Speaker” member_position=”Coming Soon!” member_image=”5461″][/team_member]

Tuesday Pre-Conference Speakers

[team_member animate=”1″ social_media=”W10=” member_title=”Conference Speaker” member_position=”Seth Grant” member_image=”5695″]Seth Grant, CDM, CFPP is the Director of Food Strategy and Retail Operations for Eskenazi Health, one of America’s largest essential health care systems, located in Indianapolis. Grant has worked at Eskenazi Health since 2012, overseeing foodservice operations and has helped the organization become a national leader in local procurement and community feeding initiatives. Grant’s career began in his family’s restaurants, and then he spent seven years working in higher education foodservice at Purdue University before finding his passion in healthcare. Grant actively serves his community and stays highly involved with community feeding organizations throughout the state. Grant is currently serving as the President-elect for the AHF Hoosier Chapter. Grant was the recipient of the 2019 AHF Spotlight Award for his work on local food procurement. In recognition of his procurement efforts, Grant was appointed by Indiana’s Lt. Governor to serve a four-year term as a commissioner for Indiana Grown, a statewide branding initiative.[/team_member]
[team_member animate=”1″ social_media=”W10=” member_title=”Conference Speaker” member_position=”Bill Marks” member_image=”5693″]Bill Marks has 30 years’ experience working in non-commercial foodservices with experiences working with multiple contractor companies for 20 years. In 2009 he joined Hennepin Healthcare as General Manager of Food & Nutrition Services. In 2012 he converted Hennepin’s food operations to self-operated and did the same for their environmental services in 2014. Under Marks’ management, Foodservice Director Magazine named Hennepin Healthcare ‘Operation of the Month’ in March 2019. Marks diligently serves as Board of Director for Twin Cities Meals on Wheels, Adjunct Council Instructor for the University of Minnesota to the Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition and Secretary for the Association for Healthcare Foodservice.  In 2019 Marks was recognized as the Silver Plate Awardee by International Facility Management Association (IFMA).[/team_member]
[team_member social_media=”W10=” member_title=”Conference Speaker” member_position=”Julie Jones” member_image=”5697″]Julie Jones, MS, RD, LD is currently serving as the Director of Performance Learning for Ruck Shockey Associates, a foodservice operational consulting firm, where Julie is supporting learning development for operational leaders. Julie has significant experience developing high performing teams, talent and strategic vision while delivering outcomes for Nutrition Services at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (WMC), a 7-hospital system located in Columbus, Ohio. She served in progressive leadership roles starting as a staff dietitian in 1988 and serving 14 years as the Director of Nutrition Services before retiring in 2018. Julie’s strengths lie in translating ideas into practice, directing teams and developing a positive work culture. She and her team won numerous awards for innovative design, service delivery and technology applications. Julie has served as President for both the Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as the Association for Healthcare Foodservice. She has received the highest awards from these Associations for both leadership and the advancement of practice in her field. She has been awarded the IFMA Silver Plate for Healthcare Foodservice in 2015 recognizing the best in operational talent for the industry.[/team_member]

Wednesday Conference Speakers

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[team_member animate=”1″ social_media=”W10=” member_title=”Conference Speaker” member_position=”Joyce Hagen-Flint” member_image=”5699″]Joyce Hagen-Flint is an industry-recognized pioneer in healthcare food and nutrition services, committed to innovative management approaches, experienced in multi-unit management across the continuum of care, leading teams in acute healthcare, long-term care, senior care, community and commercial foodservice. Hagen-Flint began developing a shared service approach to food and nutrition in 1984. She has continued to be part of this approach in four different healthcare systems, promoting the concept that a management model that takes advantage of a healthcare system’s size and scale, while aligning with its mission, vision and values can outperform other approaches. She has led two different healthcare systems in saving an average of more than $2M per year.[/team_member]
[team_member social_media=”W10=” member_title=”General Session Speaker” member_position=”Eric Eisenberg” member_image=”5702″]Eric Eisenberg, CEC, CCA has been instrumental in improving the image of healthcare cuisine to fresh, healthy food, offered in an appetite-appealing presentation. Since his earliest days at as corporate executive chef at Swedish Health services in Seattle, he promoted the concept that food served in healthcare should be as good, if not better than in any other foodservice segment. He has supported this concept by creating operational environments that inspired team workers and created energy and enthusiasm throughout his operations. As important as the food itself, is the impact this philosophy has made on chefs and culinary professionals in the industry. With Eric’s recent transition to the Senior Living segment, he has already initiated these same philosophical and tangible approaches to culinary and foodservice offerings, within this new environment and vital segment within Healthcare.[/team_member][team_member social_media=”W10=”][/team_member]

Thursday Conference Speakers

[team_member animate=”1″ social_media=”W10=” member_title=”Conference Speaker” member_position=”Stephanie Giraulo” member_image=”5706″]Stephanie Giraulo leads the CLIMB Leadership Rounding program at St. Charles Hospital which aims to transform the progression of patient care, drive efficiency in operations and achieve performance excellence throughout the organization.   Additionally she is the Director of Food & Nutrition at St. Charles Hospital and St. Catherine’s of Siena Medical Center where she oversees the inventory, ordering, production and delivery of approximately 2,000 meals per day. Ms. Giraulo is a Registered Dietitian.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from LIU Post and completed her MBA at SUNY Stony Brook.  She is a Certified Professional in Patient Safety and a Certified Patient Experience Professional.[/team_member]
[team_member animate=”1″ social_media=”W10=” member_title=”FISH Talk Speaker” member_position=”Ben Anderson” member_image=”5708″]Ben Anderson has spent the last decade helping operators understand and implement mobile technology into their dining environments. Working on the forefront of the industry at Tapingo, now Grubhub, Ben partnered with many of the country’s top dining programs to help shape the modern area of retail service. An expert in both the technological and food services sides of the business, Ben is able to foresee and understand trends and how they will impact customers and the restaurants they love. When he’s not in a committee meeting or attending a conference, Ben enjoys live music, basketball, and optimistically rooting for the Minnesota Vikings.[/team_member]
[team_member animate=”1″ social_media=”W10=” member_title=”FISH Talk Speaker” member_position=”Sandra Sydnor” member_image=”5709″]Sandra Sydnor, M.B.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Purdue University’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management; 20+ years of industry experience as a multi-unit franchisee of Burger King ® restaurants, Columbus, Ohio and executive leadership positions in marketing research and communication agencies. Her research areas include small and family-owned businesses; resilience to natural disasters and climate change; and methodological approaches to regenerative design and development. Other recent investigations include investigations in mindfulness behavioral outcomes, incorporating a variety of study topics, such as its impact on student achievement, classroom engagement, study abroad, and hospitality contexts.[/team_member]