Speakers: Leisa Bryant (University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center), Thom Pastor (St. Charles Health System), Dr. Mark Pettus (Preventia Group)

Join AHF at the main stage for our annual FISH-Talks. FISH sessions are 20-minute, focused, in-depth presentations from industry experts. Our FISH speakers will take attendees through topics focused on wellness, mindfulness, and resilience. Attendees will gain knowledge and tips on balancing the needs of employees while upholding the needs of the C-Suite. Our speakers will focus on difficult conversations and operational challenges. We’ve all had those moments of uncertainty, frustration, and hopelessness. Leave our FISH Talks with renewed tactics on how to lead not only your team through challenging periods, but yourself.

Speaker 1: Mark Pettus – Aging Young: Turning Back the Biological Clock of Time

Considering the increasing need for wellness and the emerging science of nutrition, operators will take away critical need learning from Mark’s session. Focusing on the microbiome, lifespan, and enhanced longevity, leaders will glean unique approaches to caring for themselves so they can care for their staff teams.

  • Understand the emerging science of nutrition, epigenetics and aging
  • Understand the difference between lifespan and healthspan
  • Understand the lifestyle attributes common to the Blue Zones and enhanced longevity

Speaker 2: Leisa Bryant – Leading with Ethics and Integrity in a VUCA Environment

With the challenges in today’s work environment, leaders irrespective of tenure can find themselves at a crossroad debating which path to take. To achieve an effective and sustainable response to these challenges, leaders must develop and consistently model ethical leadership, emotional intelligence, empathy, communication, and integrity to cultivate and foster a safe work culture of engagement, transparency, accountability, and high performance. Attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the role of emotional intelligence in ethical leadership and integrity
  • Implement leadership strategies to achieve positive engagement and outcomes for patients, staff, customers, and stakeholders by modeling ethical leadership.
  • Examine the use of emotional intelligence and ethical leadership to optimize work culture and employee engagement in a VUCA environment

Speaker 3: Thom Pastor – Lead Yourself First

Mid-level leaders across organizations are overwhelmed, burned out, and continually expected to do more with less. This is leading to record levels of career changes, early retirements, and self-demotions thinning our ranks. Some of this is due to decisions outside our control, but our own hero complexes and the myth of it being lonely at the top are largely to blame. We must break the cycle by streamlining tasks, setting realistic goals, and prioritizing our own well-being. Only then can we be compassionate and effective leaders for our teams and organizations. Attendees will be able to:

  • Take strategic personal inventory
  • Network for resilience
  • Setting a realistic action plan to regain control and influence