Laura Gibble is the Manager of Training and Development at Clark Associates, Inc. in Lancaster, PA. With over 25 combined years of experience in education, social services, and the private sector, Laura strives to empower individuals, leaders, and teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to create a vibrant, collaborative, and productive workplace community.

As an Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner, Laura has been developing and facilitating DiSC training for the past five years. She is passionate about helping employees utilize their DiSC assessment results to transform how they communicate with others in the workplace, leverage their personal strengths, and stretch into growth areas. Laura has personally witnessed the significant positive impact DiSC has made for thousands of employees.

Laura earned her Masters degree in Human Development at the University of Delaware. Early in her career she was recognized as one of the top Forty Under 40 future leaders in Central PA and has held numerous leadership roles in a variety of work and volunteer settings . Her current focus at Clark is to utilize best practices in Learning and Development and technology to provide targeted professional development opportunities for employees at all levels in their careers at Clark.