This award recognizes operator members who have enhanced operations through new ideas and industry trends. This may include implementing new technologies, program development, innovative ideas, projects or initiatives that promote sustainability, community impact initiatives, mergers/acquisitions, and/or creative use of managing finances.


      • – All entries must be submitted in a single Word document that does not exceed 4 pages
        – Nominees must be an AHF member in good standing
      • – Project should have been completed (or will have been completed) between 1/1/2023 and 5/1/2024

        • Evaluation Criteria
        • – Project primary objective and overall results
        • – Project complexity and scope
        • – Project initiative and leadership
        • – Resourcefulness, collaboration and use of AHF tools
        • – Timeliness and applicability of project for other AHF members

Entry must include the following on the front page:

      • – Nominator’s Name
        – Nominator’s Worksite/Company
        – Nominator’s Email Address
        – Nominee’s Name
        – Nominee’s Facility
        – Nominee’s Email Address
        – Nominee’s Preferred Phone Number
        – Nominee’s Facility Location
        – Nominee’s Facility Size/Bed Count

All entries must answer at least five of the following questions, one from each criteria category:

Question answers should be 750 words or less and submitted in a Word Document – download the Word Submission Form below. You may use photos to illustrate points.

      • Project primary objective and overall results

        • – What inspired you to develop this project?
        • – What were the biggest challenges you faced in implementing the project and how did you overcome them?
        • – What impact has the project had on your operation?
        • – What were the specific results of the project? KPIs, accomplishments, goals reached.
        • – How did you measure the success of the project?
        • – How did the project improve patient care, nutrition, satisfaction, financial performance, or sustainability?
        • – How have you sustained the results of the project over time?

        Project complexity and scope

        • – Please tell us about the project’s scope, goals, and complexity.
        • – What impact did the project have on the operator’s operations?

        Project initiative and leadership

        • – How did you demonstrate leadership and initiative in developing and implementing the project?
        • – How did you motivate and inspire others to support the project?
        • – What challenges did you face as a leader on this project? How did you overcome them?

        Resourcefulness, collaboration and use of AHF tools

        • – How did you leverage AHF tools and resources to support the project?
        • – Did you collaborate with other teams or individuals to implement the project? If so, how did you ensure that everyone was aligned on the project’s goals and objectives?
        • – How did you share your knowledge and expertise with other AHF members throughout the project?

        Timeliness and applicability of project for other AHF members

        • – What can other AHF members learn from your project?
        • – How can other AHF members replicate your success in their own operations?
        • – What advice would you give to other AHF members who are considering implementing a similar project?
      • Optional: This submission can be accompanied by a one-page synopsis and no more than ten (10) PowerPoint slides.


The best browsers to use when submitting are Chrome or Firefox. If you do not get taken to a confirmation page once clicking submit, your entry did not go through. Please email info@healthcarefoodservice.org with any questions.

2024 Awards Nominations are closed. Winners will be notified by May 17th.