Pre-Conference Deep Dive Session | Limit 60 Attendees

Registration Required: $30 fee (Covers DISC Catalyst Assessment)

2:00-4:00 PM | CEUs: 2

Speakers: Laura Gibble (Clark Food Service Equipment)

We work in a busy world! And we all have different ways we tend to communicate, approach our work, lead, and interact with others in the busyness of our everyday work lives. DiSC is a personal assessment tool that helps us better understand these natural traits and preferences in ourselves and others. This information can then help us improve our communication, teamwork, and productivity in the workplace, as well as decrease stress and reduce conflict. DiSC measures behavioral aspects of four basic dimensions of personality: D – dominance, I – influence, S – steadiness and C – conscientiousness. A person’s DiSC profile shows which dimensions they tend to lean more toward and how this impacts their preferred pace, priorities, motivators, stressors and communication style.

With this enhanced understanding of ourselves and others, employees can:

  • — Better leverage their personal strengths and stretch into growth areas
  • — Develop an appreciation for the natural tendencies of others and benefit from what they bring to the team
  • — Make changes in how they interact with others to better speak “their language” and build more effective working relationships

Each participant will complete the Everything DiSC® assessment prior to the session and receive a comprehensive personalized report. Your $30 registration fee covers the cost of this assessment. You will receive reminders from Laura to complete the assessment prior to the conference.