Speakers: Pat Mulhern (DMA), Heidi Wietjes (DMA Member, Cash-Wa Distributing), Matthew C. Schichtel (Gordon Food Service), Ryan Young (DMA Member, Martin Bros)
Sponsored by: Distribution Market Advantage (DMA)

Join DMA CEO Pat Mulhern and a panel as Distribution Market Advantage (DMA) shares the data behind distribution & labor trends and the tools and techniques you can use to assure quality distribution to your operations. Attendees will leave understanding the 3-5 year state of healthcare foodservice distribution; the cost and service impact on your operation; and 5 things to mitigate those impacts. Attendees will leave with a copy of the DMA white paper and gain an extra CEU. Attendees will leave understanding the:

  • State of healthcare foodservice distribution for the next 3-5 years
  • Cost and service impact of a capacity constrained environment on your business model
  • 5 things you can do to mitigate those impacts and assure your foodservice directors have uninterrupted and quality distribution
  • Attendees will receive a copy of DMA’s 2023 whitepaper detailing the distribution landscape through 2025